About Us

The Stethi Mission

It’s our mission to change the way nurse professionals care for themselves by combining nurse essentials and a healthy dosage of beauty and style with the personal touch of  a Licensed Nurse Practitioner.

The Stethi experience is one that helps nurse professionals like you find strength and candor in your flaws. We want you to feel like the best version of yourself and build community with us along the way!

Stethi’s giving back 5% of profits to to help fund prostate cancer research. It takes a village to help this fight and we hope you’ll join in!

A Dose Of Who We Are

Stethi is a millennial luxury lifestyle brand founded and curated by a Licensed Nurse Practitioner. We’re a community driven brand that caters to the hard-working, fabulous and fashionable nurse professional who goes the extra mile for her patients but maybe not for herself.

We want to make sure that you are going above and beyond to not only care for your patients but yourself as well.

Stethi’s flagship product is a quarterly subscription box that brings you a double dose of style and triple the dose of beauty. We’re giving you the keys to a well-balanced life both on and off the clock; hello style and beauty!

We want you to ditch your comfort zone a little bit. Instead of putting others first, we want to bring you an experience designed to put YOU first. We want to care for YOU and that’s what we’re bringing you every quarter right to your doorstep.

You’ll find a variety of carefully curated nursing, beauty and lifestyle items that will relax your mind, body, and soul. Most importantly, we want you to feel confident enough to divorce your fears and marry your dreams (whatever those may be).  It’s time that we care for you.

Meet Our Team 


Hey Beauty!

I’m Euginia. I’m so excited to bring you the Stethi experience!

I’ve spent the last six years of my career working in the nursing field and realized that we needed more. Nothing caters to us and that’s a problem. After a long day of caring for patients, I believe that it’s essential to take care of yourself.

Sometimes the nursing industry can put you in a box. I’m here to help change that narrative and open up dialogue about embracing YOU whoever that may be.

  • I want you to feel like the best version of yourself.
  • I want you to find strength in your flaws.
  • I want you to conquer your fears.

You can’t get there by being boxed in or something other than your true self. Stethi is all about being true to who you are and doing that with style and grace.

Let’s take over the world together!

Xoxo, Euginia